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Say Goodbye to Winter Dry Eye With Our Advanced Treatments

If you don’t have dry eyes, winter is likely to trigger the problem. And if you already struggle with dry eyes, winter can exacerbate your symptoms. As a Dry Eye Center of Excellence, we have the treatments you need to get dry eye relief.

Dec 6th, 2019
Low Vision Care & Vision Aids

Having Low Vision means being visually impaired and usually refers to a visual condition that cannot be fully corrected by conventional eyeglasses or contact lenses.

Aug 1st, 2019
What are Cataracts?

The medical term “cataract” derives from the feeling that you are looking through a waterfall.

Sep 4th, 2018
Age-Related Macular Degeneration

An eye health issue that has become more common since the baby boomer generation reached their 60s, Age-Related Macular Degeneration (ARMD) is a hot topic these days.

Aug 5th, 2018
Causes of Dry Eye

The main causes of dry eye stem from Meibomian Gland Dysfunction (MGD), Evaporative Dry Eye (EDE), Aqueous Deficiency and Sjogren’s Syndrome.

Apr 3rd, 2018
Dry Eyes Demystified

Having practiced in Santa Fe for over thirty years, the doctors at Accent Vision Specialists have made dry eye diagnosis and treatment a major focus of their practice.

Sep 4th, 2017
Do I have Dry Eye Syndrome?

When dry eyes persist and cause problems with vision or comfort, you may have Dry Eye Syndrome, which is diagnosed by your eye care physician.

Sep 4th, 2015
Is your child nearsighted?

Myopia, or being nearsighted, is now found in over 40% of the US population and causes blur of objects far away.

Sep 4th, 2014
Amniotic Membrane Placement

In cases of severe, unresponsive dry eye or a non-healing defect on the corneal surface, the temporary placement of either a wet or dry amniotic membrane over the cornea may help solve the problem.

May 5th, 2014