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Preventing Computer Vision Syndrome

Between work and home, you may spend seven or more hours every day staring at a computerscreen. Though computers, smartphones, and tablets have made it much easier for people to stay connected, all that time spent staring at your digital screen isn’t so good for your eyes, and may place you at risk of developing computer vision syndrome.

Here at Accent Vision Specialists in Sante Fe, New Mexico, Dr. Dwight Thibodeaux and Dr. Paul Tachau are dedicated to providing comprehensive eye exams to meet all your eye needs. To help you keep your eyes healthy, we want to share tips on the steps you can take to prevent computer vision syndrome. 

All about computer vision syndrome

Computer vision syndrome is a fairly new diagnosis, but it encompasses every eye problem that develops from the overuse of digital screens. Computer vision syndrome is a repetitive injury. Over time, the repetitive movements strain your eyes, leading to symptoms such as:  

Working on the computer means that your eyes have to focus and refocus constantly in reaction to the changing images on the screen. All of these motions create a strain on your eye muscles.  

Am I at risk of computer vision syndrome?

Though anyone who spends a great deal of time looking at a computer or digital screen is at risk of developing computer vision syndrome, you may be at greater risk if you already have vision problems. For example, if you need glasses but don’t wear them, or if you have the wrong vision prescription. 

Other factors that increase risk of computer vision syndrome include:

Regular eye exams and adjusting your environment may prevent computer vision syndrome. 

Preventing computer vision syndrome

Making a few changes to how you work and use your digital devices may reduce eye strain, improve eye health, and prevent computer vision syndrome. When working on your computer, don’t forget to take regular breaks, looking away from your computer approximately every 20 minutes. Focus on a distant object for about 20 seconds and allow your eye muscles to rest from constant adjustments.  

Proper posture and body alignment may also prevent computer vision syndrome. Make sure your chair is at a comfortable height that allows your feet to relax on the floor and place your computer screen 20 to 28 inches from your eyes and 4 to 5 inches below your eye level.

Also, adjust the settings on your computer to alter brightness and font, and consider adding a glare filter to your computer screen.

Getting your eyes checked and your vision prescriptions updated as recommended also prevents computer vision syndrome.

For the best eye health practices, be sure to schedule regular visits with us, so we can detect and prevent vision problems like computer vision syndrome early on. Contact us today to schedule your eye exam.

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