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Cataracts are a common cause of vision problems among older men and women, and though they’re not preventable, they’re highly treatable. Dwight Thibodeaux, OD, and Paul Tachau, OD, at Accent Vision Specialists are experienced in screening for cataracts and providing co-management of cataract surgery. If your vision is blurry or cloudy, don’t let it wait. Call the Santa Fe, New Mexico, office to schedule an appointment at the practice today.

Cataracts Surgery Co-Management Q & A

How do cataracts affect your vision?  

Cataracts cause blurry, foggy, and cloudy vision. They affect the lenses of your eyes, which work like the lens of a camera, focusing light so you can see things both close up and far away. A cataract puts these images out of focus due to clouding of the lens.

When you have a cataract that’s large enough to affect your vision, you encounter difficulties with routine tasks and activities. Cataracts make it difficult to read, watch TV, and drive, and you could find it hard to make out people’s facial expressions. The world will look less bright, vivid, and colorful.

What causes cataracts to form?

Cataracts ususally develop slowly and usually affect both eyes, but not at the same rate. Cataracts require attention when they grow dense enough that you can no longer ignore them.

Cataracts are usually age-related and most often affect people 60 and older. Younger people can sometimes develop cataracts if they’ve suffered eye injuries or are born with certain genetic predispositions.

How are cataracts treated? 

The only way to permanently get rid of a cataract is to remove it surgically. You might not need surgery right away. If you have an early cataract, your doctor usually recommends nonsurgical methods to adapt to it, including using special eyeglass lenses to reduce glare and improving the lighting in your home.

If your cataract is too dense to adapt to, your optometric physician will provide outcome recommendations and a referral to cataract specialist for surgery.

Cataract surgery is a quick, safe, effective outpatient procedure. Your surgeon removes the cloudy lens and replaces it with a clear artificial lens.

At Accent Vision Specialists, your optometric physician helps you with aftercare, including adapting to the new artificial lens and managing any discomfort you might have while recovering. You can expect to return to everyday activities and see a dramatic improvement in your vision within a few days, but it takes up to a month to fully heal from the surgery.

To get a diagnosis for blurry and cloudy vision and to learn more about cataract surgery, schedule an appointment at Accent Vision Specialists today.