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There’s a reason eyeglasses remain popular despite countless advances in optical technology and eye care. Glasses are a reliable and effective option to correct vision problems. Dwight Thibodeaux, OD, and Paul Tachau, OD, at Accent Vision Specialists offer frames and lenses to fit your eye care needs and sense of style, including prescription sunglasses. To get a prescription for eyeglasses, call the Santa Fe, New Mexico, office today.

Eye Glasses Q & A

Contact lenses and laser eye surgery are increasingly popular among people with vision problems. However, that doesn’t mean they’re right for you. 

Many people still prefer to wear good, old-fashion glasses. They’re a convenient, effective option for correcting refractive errors, which include nearsightedness, astigmatism, farsightedness, and age-related near blur-presbyopia.

Eyeglasses have several distinct advantages. Almost anyone can safely, comfortably wear them, and they’re far less likely to cause side effects than contact lenses. They’re also more affordable than surgery.

You might also find eyeglasses are less of a hassle than contact lenses. Taking care of your glasses requires less work and effort. 

While you have to replace contacts at least every few weeks, glasses can last for years, and you might even keep the same frame while replacing the lenses with your updated prescription. 

With advances in optical technology and design, there’s sure to be a pair of glasses for you at Accent Vision Specialists.

Sunglasses are more than just a fashion statement. They’re an important tool to protect your eye and skin aging damage from the sun’s ultraviolet (UV) rays, the same way you protect your skin from the sun.

Over time, UV exposure increases your risk of eye conditions like macular degeneration and cataracts. 

The best way to prevent the harmful effects of sun exposure on your eyes is to wear lenses with 100% UV protection whenever you go outside. They’re not just necessary for sunny days. UV rays make their way through clouds as well.

You might also find you’re more comfortable when you wear sunglasses. Some people are very sensitive to brightness and glare. It’s both easier (and safer) to drive, bicycle, and walk when you don’t have to squint all the time.

How do I know which glasses are right for me?

Accent Vision Specialists offers a wide selection of designer frames, so there’s sure to be something that works well with your personality, lifestyle, face shape, and vision needs. 

To reduce eye strain, you may wish to purchase a pair of reading or computer glasses. If you play sports, the practice’s optical shop offers sports goggles that provide clear vision and eye protection.

It’s important to get lenses that fully address your optical needs. If you have more than one refractive error, you can purchase multifocal and progressive lenses, which allow you to go through your day seeing clearly without changing your glasses often.

To enhance the performance of your glasses, Accent Vision Specialists also offers special lens coatings, including anti-reflective, scratch-resistant, anti-fog, and UV protection.

If you need a new pair of glasses or are overdue for an eye exam, call Accent Vision Specialists to schedule an appointment.