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Eyelids lumps and bumps can come in several different forms, ranging from tiny milia to large and painful styes. If you’re suffering from eyelid lumps and bumps, it’s important that you get a diagnosis and effective treatment promptly to avoid potential long-term issues. At Accent Vision Specialists in Santa Fe, New Mexico, caring and dedicated optometric physicians Dwight Thibodeaux, OD, and Paul Tachau, OD, are ready to diagnose and treat lumps, bumps, and other eye health problems now. Book an appointment by calling the office today.

Eyelids Lumps and Bumps Q & A

What are the most common eyelid lumps and bumps?

Eyelid lumps and bumps can take a few different forms, with the most common including:


One common eyelid bump is a milia. Milia are tiny white bumps that can grow on your eyelids, nose, cheeks or other parts of your face. They can appear in both kids and adults. Although they’re not painful, they can be irritating to look at.


Chalazia are perhaps the most common type of eyelid lump and bump. Chalazia are most common in adults age 30-50. A chalazion happens when an oil gland in your eyelid gets blocked and swollen. Usually, they don’t hurt, but a chalazion can grow, potentially even causing vision problems as your eyelid droops.


Styes are tender and red bumps that develop at the margin of your eyelid, or on the border of your lower eyelashes. Styes usually develop because of bacterial infection. 

Unlike chalazia, styes are usually quite painful. Common stye symptoms also include light sensitivity, teary eyes, and eyelid swelling.

If you have an eyelid lump or bump, don’t try to treat it yourself because you could seriously damage your eye health and vision. Your Accent Vision Specialists doctor has the training, skills, and equipment to treat your lump or bump efficiently, right away.

How are eyelid lumps and bumps treated?

Your Accent Vision Specialists optometry care providers, Dr. Thibodeaux and Dr. Tachau, are experts in the treatment of eyelid lumps and bumps. Your treatment plan depends on the situation, but options include:

  • Warm compresses
  • Steroid injections
  • Eyelid massage
  • Drainage
  • Antibiotic ointment, drops, or oral medications

If you have a recurring eyelid lump or bump, Dr. Thibodeaux or Dr. Tachau might recommend a biopsy to check for more serious underlying problems like sebaceous cell carcinoma. 

How can I prevent eyelid lumps and bumps in the future?

There are a few things you can do to prevent lumps and bumps. First, wash your hands frequently, and never touch your eyes unless your hands are clean. Replace your eye makeup every six months to avoid bacteria transfer.

Talk to your Accent Vision Specialists doctor about eyelid hygiene, too. Regular use of a gentle cleansing product can help you avoid eyelid lumps and bumps while also helping you maintain good overall eye health. 

Call the Accent Vision Specialists office to get help for eyelid lumps and bumps now.